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She Said Yes

It was a nicely overcast day.  A young man was going to propose to his girlfriend.  His friend wanted to give him the gift of capturing the event through pictures.

So for the young lady, she was going to receive two surprises...the proposal and the portraitre capture.  To the young man, his surprise was the portrait capture.

I was there photographing the bridge.  After all, this is Iowa and bridges get photographed in Iowa.  I had my queue from the young man's friend.  

They started with making a wish with the young lady throwing a coin in the river off the bridge with her eyes closed.  The the young man sprung into action.  He dropped to his knees and the young lady opened her eyes.  The rest you will see in pictures.

By the way, the young couple figured out that I had more than the bridge on my agenda.  Congrats!
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