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A Few Families

Ladies First Photography prides itself on its capture of families. No family portrait should be the victim of an outstretched arm.  

Family portraits are twofold.  First is the nature of being documentary.  Seeing everyone there for generations to come to get to know.  The second aspect is to take a time out in life and become a part of a work of art.  Ladies First Photography allows you to do both.

When families get together it is important to get a great picture of the group. Also, it is a great time to get the different family subsets also. At your next family gathering have us come out and capture your family as that is when you are all together.  If you would like, our studio cam accommodate most group sizes. Also, we can go to your location. Contact us to make your family appointment today.

Below is a special family celebrating Mom and Grandma's birthday.  They met in Clinton Iowa to which I came up and did portraits for the event.  
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