Hooters Contest 2016 - Ladies First Photography

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Hooters Contest 2016

Hooters Bikine Contest "Road to Las Vegas"
May 13, 2016

Congratulations to the hearty contestants as not only did we wait out a rain delay, the thermometer plumeted to April and October Minnesota Baseball weather,  bottoming at 44 degrees during the show and yes, it was outside.  Also a special thanks to the staff that worked in the weather in makeshift raincoats, winter coats, and all. Also, to the fans that cheered on to keep the contestants warm and a good show was had.

Also, I want to thank the fine fols at Hooters who have let me record this event since 2008 and also help with promotional pictures.  Every year I get to do this, I work on some new techniques, get to teach soome posing techniques and get to know some great people.

And now, the contest pictures. On Android tablets and phones works best in Firefox.
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